Re: Thyroid Status at the Funny Farm


Robin, I have to tell you that with my two mules, one mini-donkey and one dog
(Becce, one dog of our three), being hypothyroid, an online vet, I think it
was Dr. Julie, suggested I be tested too. I thought she was kidding the
first time she suggested this, and kidded back that with the amount of
Thyro-L I was passing out each day to "the ladies," I thought I was inhaling
my share of Thyro-L. She persuaded me to "get tested" anyway. I did! I am
normal (at least as far as my thyroid function goes -- other things may be
questionable -- just ask my husband who insists that I see problems with the
animals before they happen and often, I do). So my two mules are and have
been on Thyro-L for years now along with cypro and most recently pergolide
(started last Oct.) Daisy Mae Donkey remains only on Thyro-L. She does not
have Cushings or didn't the last time she was tested!

It is unusual, isn't it, for so many of our guys to be hypothyroid, or are we
just blessed?

Kay, Puppy, Becce, and Mira Me
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