Copper blood work pre and post cabergoline - Dr. Kellon

Jodie Jensen

Hi Dr. Kellon,

I just got back from a business trip so I haven't updated the case history yet but here are Copper's results:

Blood work on 3/2 at 2:30 pm with 48 degrees and clouds. Last dose of pergolide (22 mg) was given 4 hours prior -

ACTH - 72.8    Insulin - 44.41   Glucose  80    G:I 1.81

Blood work on 3/6 at 9:30 am with 34 degrees and snowing. Cabergoline shot given on 3/3 at 4:00 pm

ACTH - 40.8   Insulin - 89.25    Glucose  101  G:I 1.13

Sypmtoms: Eyes showed increase in discharge on 3/4 but has since cleared. No change in crest. I have been gone since Tuesday and checked on him at 4:30 this morning and forgot to check his sheath which was showing some slight swelling before I left. I also didn't get to evaluate movement yet.

Any thoughts on why the ACTH would go down and the insulin up? Weather? He's due for his shot tonight. Should I change anything?Any other comments?

I'll get this in his history as soon as I can.

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