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Thank you!

I believe I got everything updated... case file for my gelding and photos as well. I am a barefoot trimmer and well versed on correct trims as well as using padded boots and such!

For the aloe vera question, you answered it! LOL. Sorry, I guess I meant to ask if it had oil in it that would help with the absorption of vit E in the AZ copper complete. I will use olive oil and just add additional flax for the omega 3s :)

He has never been tested for IR, I am just assuming he is and am following an IR diet as he seems to do best with no pasture, no grain and just vitamin/mineral supplements and some herbs. He does get turned out to a pasture for 15-30 minutes a day, but instead of getting to graze, I usually keep him trotting or cantering at liberty to get some exercise. He has free choice access to low sugar/starch hay 24/7 out of slow feed hay nets and his supplements are only fed with soaked timothy pellets in water. He keeps weight VERY easily so I avoid added sugars and calories at all costs.

I was feeding Dynamite supplements for the last 3 years and they had me convinced I wasn't feeding enough or he was just a problem horse even though I brought up the issue of high iron in our hays and water a long time ago. They said that the iron in their products was needed and "flushed out" the bad iron from the water and hay along with a lot of other explanations. So I feel like a complete idiot for not researching all of that further at the time. I can't prove it, but I believe a lot of his issues may have come from feeding the dynamite program while he was young and developing with all that iron and low copper and zinc in their products :(

Looking to do what I can now for him and learn from my mistakes. Once I stopped the Dynamite a month ago he became very sound and can now gallop around the pasture at full speed with no lameness from his ringbone. All these years and I thought I was doing what was best...

August 2016/ Peoria, Illinois

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