Re: Can I stop soaking hay?


Hi Karen,

Yes, stay focused on ESC and starch.  As you know , you want that to be under 10%.  Some horses need it even lower, but most do well as long as it's under 10%.  And remember, starch converts 100% to glucose, sugar (ESC) only 50%, so causes a higher insulin response.  I like to think of the starch as "times 2" when I am adding the ESC and starch together.

Not all grass hay with a higher protein is high in nitrates, but worth checking when you get up to 13-14%.  Here's a recent thread about nitrates: 

At 0.05% nitrates that alternate hay falls below the guideline of keeping it under 0.5%.  Here's a link to the nitrate guidelines: 

Too bad EA doesn't still have your sample.  I know they keep them for some period of time, but do not know how long that is.  Good question for Chris at EA, so you will know in future if you need to add anything.

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