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Oh, dear - I will have to email Andrea and have a talk about this. Two things: 1) The glycemic load information is for humans.   2) If you look at the dry matter % sugar and starch, it is 52%.  Carrots can have much the same effect as fresh pasture, in my experience.  Can you get any hay pellets, or even just use handfuls of hay for treats? Alternatively, there are some great treat recipes here:   You could likely make something up without too much trouble, using the Agricobs as a base.  I use a modified ground flax, ground soy hull pellets, stevia and aniseed recipe (similar to Omar and Lesley's treats or Maggies treats); I roll them very thin, they bake up nicely and keep as dry for ages (although I keep most of them in the freezer). It's nice to have something on hand for treats. (all you clicker trainers out there, the various low starch treats work fab, as do the Timothy Complete Cubes= ODTB cubes)

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