Re: Insulin, leptin levels question


Oh, good! (good that you are feeding her as IR, and good that the ACTH number is pre-Prascend). Still,  most horses require at least 1 mg Prascend, so think about bumping her up by .25 mg for four days, then go to 1 mg. Since one is not supposed to quarter or crush the tablets, the way to do this is to dissolve 1/2 tab in 5 cc's of water; suck it up into a syringe; and then give 2.5 cc's at a time(put the remainder in the fridge). You only have to do that for two syringes, the four days is done, and you will be able to give her one tablet at a time.

Now, here is the good news! LeeAnne, our cyberperson extraordinaire, has got new and improved instructions for doing a case history. Even I could do it, and I am somewhat questionnaire/form challenged (okay - not somewhat. Very.) Go to this link:  It will give you the links to download the form, and the information about how to fill it in. Having a case history really makes sure we can give you the information you need. 

Good for you reading over the website, and taking that information on board.  The next step is the case history. If you positively can't get it uploaded, try downloading it, filling it out, then emailing it to one of us. 

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