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BTW I just ordered some Eudaemonics powder from KV vet supply
1-800-423-8211. They had it in their recent catalog and on their website.
When I called I was told it was available. My vet still has to call in her
prescription for it, so I'm waiting anxiously to see if it is the real thing
and not a glitch in their system!

Hi Makyla,

Thanks so much for your information on thyroid medications, I'm excited to
try the Eudaemonics powder and compare it to Thyro-L. One question though,
since it is only called "thyroid powder" in the catalog, does the vet write
out a prescription for "thyroid powder" or Eudaemonic thyroid powder? My vet
has never written a prescription for us for Thyro-L, it is so commonly given
here that she always carries several jars in her truck to hand out. Thanks.

Susan & Shenny
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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