Help with weight loss, and analysing adequacy of current hay


Sonny looks like he has lost a lot of weight since February, and I would appreciate help/insight as to what to do. I just updated his Case History, and included the hay analysis I just got back from Equi-analytical. Vet called and left a message to tell me bloodwork (ACTH now 358 down from 1250, and insulin "normal"). I will get actuals on Monday and update Case History then.

1. In the meantime, because of apparent weight loss, I searched group files and am I correct that I can feed him up to 4 lbs (dry) of beet pulp per day (?)  I have started increasing his beet pulp quite a bit over the last week. I have worked up to about 2 lbs dry/day... I was thinking I shouldn't do it all at once, or does it matter? (There was about a week where he was only eating about 15 lbs of hay, but he is eating all 20 lbs now again.)

2. According to the hay analysis of Sonny's current hay, ESC + starch is 7.8. and WSC is 19.3. Question: Do I need to soak hay still? Does the WSC matter?

3. Is this hay adequate in nutrients to feed, or should I keep searching for other hay? I don't really have a reference point, so would appreciate it if someone would comment on this. I compared it to the analysis of the hay I bought that he couldn't eat, and what I'm feeding has about half or less of protein and nutrients...

4. Sonny is having some difficulty eating his hay, leaving some wadded hay chews on the floor of his stall.(Had his teeth done Dec. of 2015 and all was good.)  I am wondering if you think I might include feeding him some Standlee timothy pellets? I found an analysis in the group files that looked like it should be okay sugar-wise. . . ESC 5.9  + Starch .6,

5. Other suggestions?

Thanks so much...appreciate the info and help!


Feb 2017, Sherwood, OR

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