Re: True or false? Compounding pharmacies can only use Prascend, not bulk pergolide

LeeAnne Bloye <ecir.archives@...>

I'm still confused. 

Barabara said:

The FDA has ruled that compounded pergolide must be made using BI's prascend.  

As I understood how it works currently: Compounding pharmacies purchase bulk pergolide from offshore producers the same as BI. The pharmacies legally can  make capsules (or pills or whatever) that has any dosage except 1mg of pergolide.  Only BI can sell pergolide in a 1mg dosage.   

Now some new(?) ruling has changed that so that compounding pharmacies must buy Prascend tablets from BI for making capsules?  Or must they only purchase bulk pergolide from BI?  

Talk about a sweet deal for BI as they would then be the sole middleman/supplier of pergolide to the US and not have the expense of making pills.  

Clearly there is a flaw in my interpretation of what is being said here. 


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