Re: Help with weight loss, and analysing adequacy of current hay


Thanks so much for the info.  I will talk to him tomorrow.  Do you have any kind of guesstimate as to how much more pergolide might control his ACTH, considering his initial level and response? (1250 down to 358 on 1 mg Prasend over 67 days and 21,000 grams Metformin/day.)

I was hoping to get compounded pergolide to be able to afford any increase... I called a couple compounding pharmacies in our area.  They provide it, but it's more expensive. I can get 30 tabs 1 mg Prasend online through my vet's office for $59, and the compounding pharmacies charge $80 - $89 for the same. They can, however, formulate it into .25 tabs so that increases can be made without cutting tabs.

Thanks so much.

Feb 2017, Sherwood, OR

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