Trying to find members within range of Cookeville TN

Barbara Rosensteel

I was looking for members in my geographic area to get help with local resource knowledge, and PPID/IR support.  This is not for my horse, but I'm trying to help someone else find a veterinarian knowledgeable in PPID and IR, and other local sources and information.  I checked the Regional Members database but there are only three members in Tennessee (one of whom is me).   One of the members lives in another part of the state, several hours away.  I just tried to send an email to the other person in the database, Jennifer Young,  but the message bounced back as undeliverable.  Jennifer, if you are still a member here, could you please contact me?   Or,  anyone else within 50 miles or so of Cookeville TN, 38544.


Barbara Rosensteel

Sept 2007, Cookeville TN

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