Re: vaccines


Hey guys - this might be a bit off topic, but I just got back from
the vet's office with my 2 cats. Each got only 1 shot - a combo of
rabies, FELV and FVRCP-CHLY boosters.

Never mind that the price was OUTRAGEOUS - $114 ( the vet was in the
room less than 5 MINUTES!), but I was also told that it is only good
for one year, even the rabies portion!! Last time my cats had a
rabies shot was 3 years ago - and I thought 3 years was now the
standard. The receptionist told me that it depends on which rabies
vaccine is given. WHAT??? Has anyone out there seen 2 different
rabies vaccines??

Maybe Belindavet can help with this one?

Are vet schools really recommending all shots every 3 years now for
dogs and cats, as stated in a recent post?

Thanks!!! Ann

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