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Hi, Becky - good work on the case history.  Keep posting on this list, because although the most recent blood tests show not IR, we still don't know for sure her PPID status, and previous history suggest she could be an IR type (bulges over eyes, cresty neck, etc).

Was the blood work done fasting, or did she have hay in front of her beforehand?

I noticed in your history that in the same time-frame as the laminitis, she had a fever, and went off her food. If she were mine, I would get her checked for Lyme. This laminitis event may be a one-off due to whatever she had going on at the time of the fever, but if it was Lyme it is important to know so you can be vigilant for relapses, and/or start treating for chronic Lyme.

That inch at the top near the coronary band is indeed the new hoof coming in at a better angle than the "old" hoof.  Taking the toe back will not cause the coffin bone to come through the sole; removing sole could do that, but not vertically rasping the toes. Also, there is no need to rasp the dorsal wall of the hoof to make it look like a normal hoof. Just let that "slipper" thing grow down, and continue to rasp the toes vertically back at the toes, not higher up the wall (if that makes sense) I will wait for Lavinia's comments, because I don't have a good eye for a foot, nor can I explain it very well.

According to the blood work (assuming it wasn't fasting blood work), a little grass should be okay, but watch her like a hawk; check for heat and pulses. If she were mine, I would muzzle her to put her out on the track.

Keep up the good work!


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