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I get moleskin on line in bulk and put it on the muzzles to prevent rubs, especially at the top front and the top back.  
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I think a half inch below the muzzle would be sufficient.  Tough 1 muzzles have worked well for my horses. 

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I borrowed a grazing muzzle to trial on Sonny as a safety net against him getting out and getting into lush pasture. I have been putting him out in a small grass-free turnout made from electric tape fencing within his pasture, and have been worried that as he feels better, he may return to his Houdini ways and get out on the grass. So I'm thinking that if I muzzle him, it will limit the damage if he does get out....I keep a close eye on him, but even 10 minutes on the grass would devastate him, I think.

I was shocked to find in just four hours, he was able to somehow chew a big hole through the nylon webbing where it attaches to the rubber under his chin. I fit it to hang about 1" below his lips.

1. Am I missing something about how to fit or use? Or is it not a good plan to use it as a safety net cause all his attention is on it?

2. It was a Tough 1. Is there another brand that would be better for his particular case?

Thanks much! Just thinking there is a lot of experience out there, and I'd really appreciate some guidance...

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