Rabies shots


Kay wrote:
<<<<here in NYS, if you miss your booster when it is due,
whether for the 1 year (first) rabies vaccine or the subsequent (3 year)
vaccine, you have to go back to "square one" and start with the 1 year rabies
vaccine again. Were your cats even a day or two overdue?>>>>>>

**********This keeps happening to me with my Basset. Mildew keeps getting
a shot each year because of when I take him......a month or two late, I
guess. I still can't figure it out. The girl at the vet clinic always says,
"Now be sure to bring Mildew back on such in such a date"..........which I
forget 10 minutes down the road. I think I'm just not going back for 3
years since he's protected.
Doesn't seem like you should have to have the mathematical brain of a CPA to
your dog vaccinated against Rabies. What are they going to do to
me.......throw me in jail because I'm off schedule with my dog? What IS the
consequence? They have
a record of all the shots. My dog can't get Rabies. Isn't that the point?

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