Re: Need Help with IR/Cushings Pony

Sherry Hite

Thank you Lavinia.  Your input is greatly appreciated and I will follow your suggestions.  The trim will be done next week and I will keep her in boots & pads during the day when she is out and roaming.  At night she is confined to a small paddock and a well bedded stall so I will take them off so her feet can air a bit.  If we don't see an improvement in her willingness to trot out in 4 weeks, I will find a vet willing to do the blocks for me.  We do have another popular vet in the area who is more open minded and may be willing to work with me on the blocks if needed.  My current vet is less than 2 miles from my house and has a very nice facility including surgical capability.  She is a knowledgeable vet but interacting with her can be difficult at times. I hesitate to burn that bridge just in case I have a desperate emergency that requires a facility like hers.  The nearest comparable facility is 1.5 - 2 hours away. Her senior tech has also been a very good advocate for me in getting my testing and prescriptions taken care of without any hassle. 

I will report back in 4 weeks and let you know where we are.  In the meantime I have reached out to have someone look at my mineral balancing and blood will be drawn next Tuesday to check her hormones.  If nothing shows up there, I plan to reach out to Dr. Kellon for her opinion on were to look next.  Hopefully in the next 4 weeks I will have figured out what is triggering the insulin and she will be her old self happily kicking up her heels.   Thank you again for your help!
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