Hi to everyone and thanks for sharing your experiences at this very
helpful site. Thought I should introduce myself since I keep checking
in every so often and looks like I'll continue to do so. It's
interesting how different everyone's stories/cases are. It's been
reassuring to see so many others who have not given up on their "old
friends". I can appreciate the challenge of managing this disease in
all its ramifications, since my 20 year old gelding was diagnosed
last year. One works hard to become an "expert" on it quick! It's so
valuable to hear the real-life experiences you all experience;
reading the limited clinical research just isn't enough!

Besides my wonderful local vets, I have found the Cornell U. staff
very happy to advise (we live closeby) - anyone should feel free to
give them a call with questions. There are numerous online drugstores
where the meds are signigicantly less expensive, which is encouraging
to me since my horse is on a fairly hefty dosage of Permax (1 mg).
Having found so much support on the internet, I am much more
optimistic for the future- it's easy to get discouraged sometimes!

I will look forward to my next visit here, and best wishes to you all!

V. Clemons, Dancing Bear Farm

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