Re: Need Help with IR/Cushings Pony

Sherry Hite


My trimmer was able to come out last week and do the additional trimming you suggested.  I have posted the post trim pictures (2016-04-26).  There wasn't any noticeable increased soreness after the trim either barefoot or in her boots. Hooray!  I have kept her in boots during the day and have been riding her for at least 30 minutes almost every day in my pastures.  I let her set the pace and she seems to be slightly more energetic the last two days.  I think the corrected trim helped but I also suspect the Adequan may be helping  (she gets her 4th injection tomorrow).  Please let me know if there is more we need to do on her trim.  Blood was drawn Tuesday, May 2, for ACTH, insulin, leptin, glucose, and progesterone.  Should have the results next week.  I haven't had a response on my request for help in making sure her hay is balanced correctly via the NRC Grads so I will go back to asking Nancy to help me.  I will greatly appreciate any comments you may have.  Thanks for your help with this little girl... she is pretty special to me. 
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