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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Karen,

It can be quite surprising when you view the feet from ground level.

In general, yes to everything your current vet has said. I'll explain fully with the mark-ups. Thanks for adding the new pix. You are correct that you cannot make a club foot "normal" just by trimming it that way. A club foot is a symptom of an issue further up the leg/in the shoulder that is causing the altered bony column configuration. Need to address that in order to actually change the resulting club foot. In the meanwhile, the trim must still conform tightly to the bones within. In Luke's case, this isn't happening as the heels have been allowed to get a tad too high even for the current bony column alignment and the toe is much too far forward (long).

Also a good idea to use boots and pads at ANY time a horse is not comfortable. If you don't, they will attempt to compensate for the pain by landing toe first and by by altering the scope of the stride. Once you are sure the current boots are "keepers" you will need to add a strong bevel between 9 and 3 (rasp, grinder will do it easily) to keep the break over where it needs to be. HaveĀ  look here for more info:
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