Re: New Hoof Radiograph

Stephanie Stout

Hi Lavinia and Dr. K,

Lavinia - no, he was not standing completely horizontal/squarely to the ground. He does not want to put his foot completely horizontal on the ground, and I'm not sure if it is due to his foot/abscess problems or due to the tendon damage/injury in his leg(it's King so must be complicated). Thank you for the mark-ups. I'm going to print it off to show to my farrier on Monday. My farrier is wonderful, but I know trimming off this much hoof is out of his normal comfort zone. I don't blame him.....trimming blood/fluid/puss freaks me out as well!

I also got a DP radiograph view but the vet forgot to send it. I will ask them to send it to me on Monday. I will post a picture on Monday after the trim of his hoof as well. I don't know if King will allow the farrier to trim it all off on Monday so we might end up doing half on Monday and half later in the week. King is a super patient, but he is sore so it is hard on him. 

Do you think it's just a huge abscess? Do I need to try to find a vet that will do a regional limb perfusion? Can you please explain that to me as I've never heard of it? I just Google searched it, and got myself more confused I think. Can it be done in the barn, or does he have to go into a clinic? Should I wait to see if he stops draining after the toe is trimmed or what should I do?

Thank you again. King says thank you as well for helping as I would be lost without you ladies.


Stephanie & King
October 2014
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