Re: Help , can I give Stabul Plus to my uncompensated IR mare.

Mimi Costley

Thanks Jaini,

The single bag I am getting tomorrow is the right stuff. The big order going to Tractor Supply is the Plus. So I will try getting the order changed at Tractor Supply. A different guy ordered it and didn't know what to get.
I think I made Scarlet IR by feeding alfalfa to get weight on her. But good news, she ate the 1/4 lb Stabul 1 with a big 3 handfuls of beet pulp right away this morning! I will try to continues increasing that.
Yesterday was pretty stressful but feet are now trimmed, some feed is coming. I will start working on Tractor Supply again.
As far as the Omeprazole goes, she actually seems to do better or at the very least just as well on ranitidine. I gave up on Q 8 hr. Three times a day when I am here seems to work. Last is usually 11 pm.
What about the importance of exercising her?
Thanks, Mimi
Mimi and Scarlet Feb 2016
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On Wed, 5/17/17, Jaini Clougher <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [ECIR] Help , can I give Stabul Plus to my uncompensated IR mare.
Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 10:30 PM

Hi, Mimi - The Stabul
1 Plus is a pinch higher in fat (5% vs 2%) than the Stabul
1, but you can probably get by with small amounts for a
short period of time.  1/4 pound twice daily should be fine
until you get your order of the regular Stabul 1 in.
 What a bugger! You must be tearing your hair out.
 Any chance of putting her back on the omeprazole for a few
weeks to help with the situation? Also, I am not sure
whether or not she gets footsore on alfalfa. If not, adding
some of that to the mix may help.
Clougher (BSc,BVSc)Merlin (over
the bridge) ,Maggie,Gypsy, Ranger

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