Re: Help , can I give Stabul Plus to my uncompensated IR mare.

Mimi Costley

Hi Jaini,
Scarlet's ACTH has always been okay. I am increasing her pergolide fall and early spring associated with what I assume are ulcers since she eats better when I put her back on antacid. I increased her from 3 to 4 mg in March. She has been on APF pro for a couple of years. I just switched to the Jiaugulan a few weeks ago. I do wish there was a way to know how much pergolide she needs especially since the cost is getting quite significant.
I did read somewhere that there is a line of TB's that are prone to Cushings but I guess not the IR. I was pushing oil maybe 1/4 even 1/2 cup per day and the alfalfa to get weight on her before I found out that was bad. so could be I forced her into IR?
She is slow to shed out, but looks like she is getting there.
Thanks, Mimi


On Thu, 5/18/17, Jaini Clougher <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [ECIR] Help , can I give Stabul Plus to my uncompensated IR mare.
Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 4:39 PM

Hi, Mimi - Since she
does better on the ranitidine, then that is definitely to
way to go!  Similarly, if you suspect alfalfa was
originally a player in Scarlet's IR, don't go back
there.  It is interesting that she is still IR even
when quite thin. The low leptin suggests that the IR is PPID
driven, but her ACTH looks okay. Still (and Dr. Kellon can
correct me, please) I wonder if upping her pergolide
wouldn't help a little.Scarlet is tres
interesting, because she *isn't* following the accepted
norm of TB's not being prone to IR!  Quite a juggling
act for you. 
Clougher (BSc,BVSc)Merlin (over
the bridge) ,Maggie,Gypsy, Ranger

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