Re: Pet Health Pharmacy shipping Pergolide compounded 2 months ago #pergolidestrength

Claudia Goodman

Fern, Yes, PHP began adding the compounded date very recently, as my last order was the first to have it on the vial. I commend them for doing so. Your compounded date is relatively recent and, therefore, less concerning (compared to mine).
As I've mentioned, this compounded date is what raised a flag for me because I have not seen a study that demonstrates stability beyond 30 days beyond compounding. The only study of capsulated powder pergolide mesylate I’ve seen barely shows acceptable stability at 30 days. Without studies to show otherwise (which PHP does not yet have but is working on), this would seem to be an unresolved issue.

The only capsules available at the dose I need now are already 3 months old. I'm not comfortable with that. They do have an oil suspension of pergolide at the dose I need that is about 6 weeks old, which will be my preference for now. They told me in oil suspension, it has 9 months stability (although no data to demonstrate) - and advised me not to refrigerate it. 

Really looking forward to reviewing more stability studies that supports what PHP is claiming.

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