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Sandy Carr

Thanks (sigh).  Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. Yes, tricky.  New vet, really like her...has many toolboxes to treat my boy.  Acupuncture, herbs, veterinary chiropractor.  Yet she says she still hangs on to all the "traditional Western veterinary medicine modalities".  Strong personality, but a FB friend already.  So we will see.  

I agree, I think it's better to do the trim with her and the farrier she works with and see how it goes.  Then I will approach her with a request to re-do the X-rays, no charge.  My husband is pretty smart when it comes to computers (writes software) etc. and he says most likely her media is worn out and until she gets new media (read/write stuff) it will not take better X-rays.  

It's pretty amazing how being in awe of someone can intimidate you.  I'm retired law enforcement and you'd think I would've got over this kind of stuff long ago.  In my field, yes.  On my ground yes.  I'll just put on my Officer Friendly face and see how it goes after the trim has been completed and we have a follow up appointment.  Ha!  Just like asking someone to put their hands behind their back...all they can say is "no".  ;-)

Thank you!


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