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That is what I do.  I put 20 pills and on top of some cotton balls in three old prescription bottles so they aren't all exposed to air when opened every day.   Rudy's ACTH was the lowest I had seen it before Thriving Pets stopped compounding.  I went to Pet Health and it skyrocketed back up.  So, now that Thriving Pets is compounding again I have gone back to them.  They won't compound fewere than 60 capsules, but they told me that they compound them fresh.

Another option would be to have the pergolide compounded in 60 half-doses and give two capsules a day.  I might try that next time


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I tried to pin down Wedgewood on the freshness of its pergolide. The  cryptic response:


“Some of our dosage forms are made at the time an order is placed and others are compounded ahead of time.”


I had switched to Pet Health Pharmacy and noticed the labels indicating that the pergolide isn’t necessarily a fresh batch and they expect the medication to retain efficacy for several months.  Apparently Pet Health is not unique.


At this point, would it make sense to order two months and have one month sit in our own refrigerators as opposed to the pharmacies? It would help save on shipping costs.



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