Re: DP Xray & hoof photo added NOW: New radiographs added

Stephanie Stout

Hi Dr. K and Lavinia, 

I got new radiographs of King (hopefully the correct views) so you can see what you need. He quit abscess draining about 3 weeks ago, and has been dry since. He still won't put his hoof down horizontal with the ground(as you can see in the films) which is possibly a combination of hoof, and tendon problems. What do you recommend I do to help him get his hoof more horizontal? Shoes with special pads? Or ? I do have Soft Ride boots for him but he hates them as they shift, and slide part way off when he gets up and down.,,,20,1,0,0,,,20,1,0,0,,,20,1,0,0 (The vet had a hard time getting this one as he won't put his foot completely flat)

Thank you very much!!!

Stephanie & King
October 2014
Case History 

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