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Leigh Jacobs

Dr Kellon,
I use chastetree berry for several purposes.  For Ace, my EMS horse, I use up to 4 tbsps (shedding out time) for coat and pee spots.  For Shadow, my IR horse, I use up to 2 Tbsp to help with pee spots and amazingly we found it helps with his well being.  Going beyond the normal 2 Tbsp max was discussed with my vet and another who does research on Vitex, Dr. Louann Groves (Texas).  I gave her a call a couple years ago because Ace had no visible reaction to 2 Tbsp in the spring to help shedding.  My vet suggested calling Louann and she said that I could go up to 4 Tbsp during shedding time and then drop back to 2 when June rolls around.  I use it year round with compounded pergolide mesylate.
Leigh, Ace and Shadow
Tucson, AZ 2011

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 3:29:18 AM MST, Eleanor Kellon, VMD <drkellon@...> wrote:

We would love to hear from people using Vitex (Chastetree berry) either alone or with pergolide, whether using lab work as a guide or just symptoms.
Eleanor in PA 

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