Cresty, lumpy neck

Helen Temps

My Peruvian/Morgan cross mare was IR (tested 4 years ago) when she became foot sore. Her thyroid level was also low at that time, and she was also started on Thyroid. ( I took her off that after about 6 months as she was frequently breathing hard and stopping on trail to catch her breath.  I have been on thyroid for 30 years so know the symptoms of an overload .  That issue was resolved once off thyroid med).   I caught the laminitis very early, she only needed bute 1 day and was then OK.   I immediately pulled her off pasture and adjusted her diet to grass hay only, put her in a dry paddock until weight loss achieved. She was then retested with sugar level on high side of normal 6 months later, but still within normal numbers.  I have been able to maintain her weight since then at a manageable level.  I feed grass hay available 24/7 in a slow feed net.  I am supplementing the "Just add Oats" diet from "The Natural Vet" site.  Salt/vitamin/mineral supplement in 4 oz crimped oats with an ounce of soy based oil to hold powder. About 2 weeks ago I also started adding Chaste berry to try to help with her metabolism. Her cresty, lumpy, hard neck will NOT go away. I know some of that large neck is breed.   My vet says she would have to be almost starved to loose those fat deposits. I am so glad I found this site!   She's a big barrelled horse, 14.3 weighs right at 1000 pounds.  You can easily feel her ribs, slight fat deposits by tail head, all weight seems to be carried in her neck.    I will add Vitamin E and flax as recommended. Should I switch to the beet pulp rather than the oats?  Will she ever lose that hard, lumpy neck?

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