Prasend affect on immune system? Success of chewable flavored pergolide


Is there any truth to a vet's claim that I talked to today that more than 1 mg of Prasend detrimentally affects the immune system? She was very serious about not prescribing more than 1 mg, and as I was pressing her a bit with "facts" of horses being on it at higher doses and for long periods of time, she said yes, some horses can, but that it doesn't track those that fall by the wayside. She claimed that there are other medicines to help with IR, other therapies, including acupuncture (but would not tell me the names of meds or therapies without an extended farm call.) When I told her that he was improving on 2 mg, she said she would have to consult with an internist before she would ever go there. (Would this be an additional charge to me?) She said her goal would be to get the horse off pergolide altogether. Is this possible? She is the second vet that sternly talked to me about how "dangerous" pergolide is above 1 mg.
Is any of this valid? Does the site track in any way the horses that do not do well on higher doses? What should my counter point be when this is brought up?

I talked with another vet who said compounding is only for when horses won't take Prasend. . .or she loses her license.  I told her I have to watch him like a hawk for spitting it out and she said we could try the molasses/apple flavored chewables. Any feed back on these? I worry that as picky as he is, he won't eat it. Is it true that capsules are not available? He eats his vit E just fine, o I thought that would be the best option...but not available? Liquid doesn't seem a good option for him. He fights me on syringing Alcar and usually spits out a good bit on me. The pharmacy said the dustless powder has sugar in it, and not appropriate for an IR this true?
Any guidance you can offer?

Ahhhhhh....I am getting so weary. It doesn't seem like it should be this hard to find a vet and get him on the right dose of pergolide, let alone try to get it compounded! Is there some weird thing in Oregon? My current vet tells me compounding is illegal, too, although he has me buying Prasend through an online company that uses his clinic's name, so maybe he just has no motivation....
Thanks much for your thoughts and help in responding,


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