Re: Prasend affect on immune system? Success of chewable flavored pergolide

Lorna Cane

Hi Joan,

It's so discouraging to keep bumping into vets who are so uneducated wrt IR and PPID.
Hang in. You are not alone - not that that is of much help.
ECIR always backs up the advice given with science-based data, blood tests,etc. I wish the vets who espouse what yours does would offer some data to back up their (ludicrous) hypotheses.
So your vet should provide data showing that more than 1 mg of Prascend is detrimental to the horse's immune system,for example. It's nonsense.
She says there are other medicines to help with iR? Other than Prascend? Prascend isn't used to treat IR, is the first thing she needs to know.It is used to treat Cushing's. She could educate herself on the difference.
As far as taking a horse who needs pergolide(Prascend) off it, we have members here who have done that because of poor professional advice.The outcome is not pretty.

You are on the right track, Joan. Remember he's your horse, and he's relying on you to search out what's best for him. You've already been doing that,and have noticed an improvement on 2mg of Prascend.That tells you something, even if your vet isn't impressed.
Lots of us have used compounded pergolide for years and years. Some of us have had to go up to 20+mg doses.
I have had 7 PPID/ IR horses over the years. I would have had to euthanize them had I had to purchase Prascend. Back in the day Prascend wasn't around,but our local vets wanted us to use pergolide from a vet pharmacy in the area,which charged an arm and at least one leg. I searched and searched until I found a pharmacy on the other side of the country (Island Pharmacy,in BC ),which compounds pergolide, does periodic testing of its product, and is affordable.
My boys lived well  into their 30's, one of them into his 40's, and were on upwards of 10mg pergolide as they aged. None died from PPID- related issues. One is still with us. He's 45, and on 12mg pergolide, which I suspect his upcoming test results will show needs to be increased.

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I know you've been looking for another vet, so hopefully you'll be successful with that search.

I know it's exhausting, but the struggle is worth it.
Hang in. Your instincts are good.


Lorna in Eastern Ontario, Canada
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