Re: Prasend affect on immune system? Success of chewable flavored pergolide


Hi Joan, 

I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this very frustrating experience.  I would encourage you and your vet(s) take a look at the 2015 No Laminitis proceedings, in particular the "PPID and IR Myths and Misconceptions."  You and your vet can download the proceedings for free.  Go here:  

The legality of compounded pergolide has been discussed here many times.  Here are some posts that might help you: 

Liquid pergolide is the least stable form, so not a good long term choice for any horse.  Here's our file on pergolide which may answer many of your questions and give you information to have an educated discussion with your vet(s): 

Pay particular attention to the pergolide 101 file here: 

Hope that helps you some.  Hang in there!

Oh, and BTW, your CH still states that Sonny is on 1mg pf Prascend and as of 3/18/2107 he was "very thin", but your note states that he is "improving on 2mg".  Can you update your CH with all of the latest changes please?  It really helps us to see the whole picture in one place.  Thanks!

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