gas colic due to Prascend?

M.D. Stephenson

 Hi- I recently joined the ECIR group as my horse last month was diagnosed with Cushings and put on Prascend, 1 mgm.
The Prescend was given every other day for the first week and the daily since for the last 4 weeks.

I have not yet entered all my data and entered pictures.  I will be getting his hay analyzed next week and had planned on doing the postings after the analysis came back.  
My case history is under Booker and Mary.

Booker has shown pergolide veil signs, lack of appetite and lethargy.   
Tonight it is colder here with rain and over the past few days a low pressure front has dropped the barometric pressure.
Tonight he  showed signs of gas colic.

I am wondering if the 1 mgm dose is too much or if the two are related or if anyone else has had gas colics occur.

Thank you in advance for seeing that this question gets where it should and I look forward to your response. You are a wonderful group of people. 

Mary Stephenson --  Fairfield CT

Horse:  Booker

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