Re: Jesse,, new cornell labs just reported

LJ Friedman

I asked pethealth to fax my vet to get 16.0mg..  I got this response from the vet:

Jesse's last test came back and was quite normal.  I realize you consult with another veterinarian on this.  I feel his dose is right where it should be and I do not feel we should increase it at this time
I replied back:

I would like to increase to 16 mg now and retest in July
I got back jesses labs today. His ACTH was 26.0 . (Normal values  are 9 to 35 ) Because of  this value,  I will be raising his pergolide   He is currently on 14 mg and I will increase him to 16 Mg   )The reason is the month of June has the lowest pressure on ACTH   Dr. kellon  likes to see readings in the teens  to low 20s. At all times. A Reading of 26.0  on 14 mg  in june, would never remain that low for jesse  in October , when most laminitis   occurs as that is the time of year when there is most pressure on ACTH levels    
  (this reply I sent my vet was a copy/paste of  an email that I sent to a vet friend who I am helping with her ppid horse.. I didnt want to tell her that she needs to increase her pergolide,, so I offered info pn what and why I was doing  and she agreed it made sense)

 My vets reply was reasonable..I will see if he ok's the rx increase after he reads my reply, and will let the group know

If he doesnt send in the increase and Jesse remains on 14mg, when should I re test to show the presumed increase in acth?
He's a nice vet.. and one cant argue with his response. 
I posted this just so others can see how I communicate with  my  local vets. 

LJ Friedman  Nov 2014  San Diego, CA 


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