Re: Prasend affect on immune system? Success of chewable flavored pergolide


Lorna and Maggie....thanks so much for your replies. I was so down yesterday...good to hear a few positive voices of support! Thank you, thank you for being there for us!!
I caught a break today...(Snoopy dance !!!) I got a call from the vet who suggested the flavored chews. She was coming to a neighbor and offered to drop by today and split the travel charge, which I thought was very nice for both of us. I ended up liking her a lot, and she is totally on-board with getting his ACTH under control by raising dosage. She taught me how to feel for pulses (which he did have :-(  and explains why he is so gimpy. His diet is totally under control, so must be driven by ACTH. We set up a protocol of communication...I am to keep track of his symptoms and report this in an email to her every month, and we will increase dosage 1/4 mg per month until his symptoms have improved adequately.She encouraged me to call her if I have any other questions.

After discussing my concerns about how picky Sonny is, we ended up deciding to try the dustless powder instead of the chews, and it also makes it easier to increase dosage. (I totally spaced the sugar question. Hopefully there's not enough to matter to his IR? Fingers crossed.) One of the hesitations I had was her insistence that compounded is nowhere the quality of Prasend, and that she would only go through one pharmacy because she was familiar with their quality.(I posted a frustration earlier that a number of pharmacies in my area charge MORE than Prasend for compounded.) It turned out that it is one that the ECIR website lists, (Wedgewood) so that raised ECIR credibility for her, and made it more affordable for me.  It is interesting that the difficulty I had getting Sonny to take his medicine is actually what made it possible to get the compounded. This trait of his personality literally saved his life!

On another note...yes, I will update the case history soon. Thanks so so much for your patience. I was recording things in a notebook that somehow became lost, so I will have to look some more, or sit down and reconstruct the best I can. Just haven't had the energy/time to do it yet.... Now the vet hunt is over, that helps. My next hunt is for safe timothy hay as people are haying right now.(HAVE to quit buying the Timothy cubes as his main diet! So expensive.) I finally found a chipper that seems promising. I ground up some of his old grass hay, but he won't eat it, even soaked.  He doesn't quid it, just doesn't eat it. I'm thinking it is because the timothy is much yummier. . .

Thanks. Be in touch soon with promised CH!


Feb 2017, Sherwood, OR

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