Re: Prasend affect on immune system? Success of chewable flavored pergolide


Oh. I see your note now too, Jaini. Thanks for weighing in. Don't know what's going on, but so far, no vet I talked to would give me a written prescription when I suggested that (including my most recent.) I asked very nicely how they could not, since Oregon has a law that requires that they do, and I was told that how they get around that is to have a policy that they CALL the prescription in, and would do so for me if I were buying Prasend anywhere. But they would refuse to call in to a compounding pharmacy. Don't know. I am thankful not all vets are like this. Just hard to sort them out and find a good one without spending time, $$$ and/or being emotionally beat up!


Feb 2017, Sherwood, OR

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