Re: gas colic due to Prascend?

M.D. Stephenson

Thank you for the QUICK LENGTHY response.  I feel like I have guardian angels out there.

To answer a few of your questions:  Booker's bloodwork  (ACTH,Glucose, Insulin) was done at 9 a.m. and sent to Cornell.  He had been given two flakes of hay at night check the night before, was turned out on a very chewed down paddock at 7 a.m. and had another flake of hay then.  He was on that paddock until I brought him into the barn for the vet at 9 a.m. I also had given him one of those Hilton Herballs.  (I know...very bad) but feel like you should know all that he had ingested beforehand. All was quiet and normal at the barn.

The leptin I had drawn at a later date after learning about ECIR and reading about the bloodwork I should have done.

I did have a lymes drawn and sent it and the leptin to Cornell.  Will post those results on my case history.

I stopped the Herballs when a friend told me they were not good for the IR horses. (despite the packaging). How do you feel about Emerald Valley's beet treats?

The Total Support Booker has been on for years. I started him on it due to his arthritis in his hocks and it did seem to make a difference.  

Booker quit sweating several summers ago.  I took him off everything processed (grain) and after two summers he began to sweat again.  It was very scary when he would not sweat.  That was the reason for the Biostar.  I have been extremely careful about giving anything processed thinking that was the cause of his anhydrosis.

I will do what you say regarding the APF and the Prascend.  Thank you for that advice.  My horse is feeling better this a.m. according to the barn owner.

My gratitude.....
Mary Stephenson. Fairfield CT


Horse:  Booker

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