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Claudia Goodman


The liquid pergolide in oil suspension comes in a cough syrup like container with a dispensing top that couples to a syringe also supplied by PHP.
Pretty easy to use: after shaking vigorously, insert syringe into the coupler on top of container, turn upside down and syringe out specified amount (printed on label). Caution - use a permanent marker to show where the required volume is on the syringe as the volume marks fade with repeated use. I fill the syringe in the house and carry it down to the barn; the syringe has a cover on the tip to keep contents from leaking out or contamination.

I experimented (successfully) to find a way to get the dose into my mare: Using pellets (I use LMF low starch stage one), make a mash - then add enough water to be able to mold a portion of it into a meatball sized ball. I played with the consistency a bit to get it just right so that it held together well as I handled it. Once the "meatball" is firm, push a hole into it, about halfway in, deliver about .5ml of the syringe into the hole, then cover the hole with a bit more mash. Feed immediately.(My mare requires two "meatballs" for her 1 ml daily dose. Trying to get a full 1 ml into the ball didn't work as well for me.) She eats the balls up easily! 

If you try this approach, I suggest you feed "blanks" first to make sure your mare easily takes it before adding the pergolide suspension. Once my mare tries it and likes it, she just gobbles up the medicated balls. 

So far, it seems to be working well. Not as easy as administering a capsule, but I have much more confidence at this point in the stability of this product from PHP.

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