Locked Re: Cause of Laminitis?


Hi Sally, I do not know about that article, the link didn't work when I tried it. I don't have any case studies or research on glyphosate's (chemical that is Round-Up) direct link to laminitis. I don't know that anyone is going to invest money into that sadly. But one can use their own holistic and deductive reasoning to make their own personal choice. I can say that I took an IR laminitic horse off of hays and feeds that were not sprayed with glyphosate as well as other chemicals and put them onto organic hay and mineral supplementation and they improved greatly, Six years later, due to relocation of the horse, he is on glyphosate sprayed hay and not any minerals, He is showing IR signs again as well as mild laminitis and low immunity. Definitely, there are other factors like the soil that the hay is grown on but it's my opinion and experience that clean food grown on rich soil is a key part to healing.
I'm not making an advertisement for this company but I thought some may appreciate a good, simple explanation and diagram of how glyphosate interacts with minerals
An article and diagram go the mineral wheel Dr. Holliday is speaking about in the literature on glyphosate
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