Locked Re: Cause of Laminitis?


This sounds like a "hot topic" and I'd rather stay out of it. All I can say is yes that is my mistake Dr. Holliday does give credit to Albrecht in the mineral wheel development. And in OH I am surrounded by farmers growing hay, they are my neighbors and some friends, some I do farm related business with so I see first hand and glyphosate IS definitely going on hay grown for horses. I've watched it bought from store poured into distribution tanks, sprayed, hay harvested and later fed to horses. I can't say it has the effect they want but they think it does. 
I never said "organic diet cures IR". I said I believe clean food grown on rich soil is a key part to healing. I also shared my experience. I thought I read that it was ok to share your opinion as long as you said that is your opinion and not a fact that has been published. My intent was to simply respond to Sally with info knew of. I apologize if I misunderstood. Please direct me again to the guidelines.

Thanks for sharing the links as well.



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