Re: Cushings and hives

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Hi Barbara,

Crusty sores like that are not something I've heard of before with
cushings... but that doesn't mean that its not related. It honestly
sounds very much like a fungus type skin condition, or greasy heals
or scratches... has your vet looked at it? Do you have or can you
get any good close up pictures of it?

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I'm new to these boards so excuse me if you've elaborated on this
before but.... When I got Amiga last fall she had crusty sores on
4 legs-mostly around her ankles. Over the winter I got them all
and healed. Then around April she started breaking out again. They
just pop out, sometimes bleeding and they itch her like crazy. Is
another consequence of this disease? We're trying some homeopathic
remedies to help. Right now I'm putting Desitin on them and keeping
fly wraps on her legs to keep her and the flies from biting them. I
feel so sorry for her. I think it's going to be a very long summer!

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