Re: Case History Review


Hi, Amber, and welcome!  What a fabulous job on turning your mare around, and on the very clear case history.

You can put in "Resolving" or "Improving" in the symptom list, or you can put it into the comments section, as you have done. There is nothing like getting the sassy herd leader back, and I am very happy for the both of you!
Good work on being pro-active. If Sunny were mine, I would increase the pergolide to 2 mg, by 1/2 mg every 4 days, assuming she didn't have any problems with the veil when she started it in November.  The goal is to have ACTH at 20 or below at all times, and since the seasonal rise is just now starting, best to go to 2 mg, and then re-test in September, if funds allow.

Your post has made my day!

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