Re: Are new pics needed of Andy before Tuesday, August 1st farrier appointment?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Sandy,

No, you don't need new pix.,,,20,2,0,0

Generally, just keep working toward the same goals as the last time. The original mark-ups are your end goal so you can refer to them (and the narrative).

Toes are looking much better, just keep a good bevel on them that goes around the hoof from about 9-3. Keep the flares pulled inward - you can easily see them when you look down onto the hoof from above - and remove/smooth out any larger cracks/chips. There should be no obvious "corners" in the walls - if you find any, bring them inward til they blend with the adjacent wall.

Keep checking the collateral groove depths so that you can tell when there is enough depth available to work more on moving the heels rearward. Need to have a minimum of 1" at the deepest point before you can do more than a single swipe across the rearmost portion of the heels. Also, want to be sure the depth is the same on both grooves on the same foot so that the balance remains correct.

Be conservative with anything coming off the soles, frogs, bars. Only remove flaps, tags, broken or cracked portions. The stretched tips of some of the frogs may be loosening up at this point - if they are, they can be nipped back as well but no need to excavate for them. Don't worry if the sole itself appears to be lumpy or uneven as that is just the foot trying to increase overall depth but it occurs in bits and pieces sometimes.

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