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Hello group,
 I have posted new radiographs of Splash's feet. These were taken two weeks out from her last trim. I trim her approx. every two weeks. She is 9 months out from her acute onset of laminitis. I am pleased with the improvement in the angle of P3 on both feet. I'm disappointed in the appearance of mineralization at the tip of P3 on both feet. It is interesting to me because I always associated that with chronc laminitis, but those mineralizations were not visible in her rads from last November. So, I guess I've learned that those can develop from one serious episode of a laminitis event.
 I also had her insulin/glucose labs repeated. I was disappointed that her insulin has not dropped more. She is still severely IR. I will update her case history as soon as I can. Ineptness on my part.
 She is doing fabulous outwardly. Energetic, bright, feisty as ever. Walks sound barefoot across the gravel drive.
 I'll be holding my breath come October. My management is not really any different now from last year when she had her laminitic attack. She is #50 lighter, but will a body score 5.5 instead of a 6 really be enough? 
Karen F


October 2013

Molalla, Oregon

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