Re: No Response to Prascend #legalityofpergolide


Thank you Lavinia,

The one vet that I had the longest conversation with seemed to be saying that prescribing compounded pergolide when the FDA has only "approved" Prascend is taking an unnecessary risk of someone suing them if the compounded version doesn't work. I got the impression he wasn't even interested in pursuing a conversation with me about his reasons and I have not had extended conversations with the other vets - only called to ask and was told no.  I did show the info from this group to a local compounding pharmacist  and was told that the legal issue is "vague" and they are not interested in being involved with it.  

I am going to revisit the conversation with my current vet and will print all of the information for him.  I didn't push it at first because I was really hoping the 1 mg Prascend would do the trick. 
Jill, Khari & Jetty in Idaho


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