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The RF has the HPA (hoof-pastern axis) broken back and the toe is much longer out in front of the foot than the LF. This is adding extra pressure on the navicular bone; the tendons and ligaments running along the back of the leg because they are always being stretched; irritating (and exacerbating) the ringbone because it constricts the joints. If there are abscesses in there trying to come out, the Equioxx will delay them from maturing and clearing so will prolong the process. You don't need an MRI, you already know all the factors that are problems and all of them will be helped by fixing the trim. Most are being CAUSED by the problematic trim.

Basically, the Equioxx (like any NSAID) is acting like a band-aid on the problems. You need to get a solution in place - get the TRIM done properly. It is not appropriate to use an NSAID to mask pain and continue exercise as that will only cause more damage right now.

I respectfully disagree with the vet regarding the shoes. Shoes do not help navicular except to again mask the problem to some extent. Add them to a less-than-stellar trim and you have a recipe for disaster. Over time, they will make the problem worse by restricting circulation and encouraging atrophy of all of the structures in the back half of the feet. Those are the prices you pay anytime shoes are applied to any horse. You can mitigate these negatives to some extent by using composite shoes, packing and pads, gluing rather than nailing but it will still be a compromise.

The trim improved slightly over what was there previously but not by much. The toes were not backed up and that was the number one problem that needed to be addressed on all four feet. Using the Soft Rides is good for now, esp on the RF, as they have a wedge pad in them and that will help to ease the broken back axis in the RF by adding height to the back half of the foot. There are still a number of medial-lateral imbalances present: RF appears laterally high, as does the LH. Can't really see the other two clearly enough to say. This didn't occur in a week's time - it has been there all along but it becomes more obvious with each passing week.

You can help the situation by rasping a large bevel into the Soft Ride boots - from 9 o'clock all the way around o 3 o'clock. This will help the feet break over earlier even tho the toes are too long.
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