Ferritin, iron and transferrin-necessary?


Hi, I have been reading through others questions and still not finding quite the answers I am looking for.

A lil' background. 7yro gelding came to me with past history of founder in OH. We changed diet, trim, activity level and lifestyle, not 100% but fairly sound for seven years with exception of fighting deep thrush infections in central sulcus, managed decently with trim, meds, and boots when needed

Moved him to CO, five mo.s ago two mo.s ago he was showing signs of laminitis in all four. Three wks ago moved to another facility where we could provide a herd member ( helps his level of stress a lot) and returned to slow feeding only and the ER diet of beet pulp to get supplements in . WILL NOT eat soaked hay. 

Found vet willing to set up account with Cornell and ran ACTH leptin and Insulin, ACTH was 34.5, Leptin was normal. Insulin was 15.85. Local general blood chem showed everything in normal range, glucose was 75. Used IR calculator which showed him as High Insulin Responder and Compensated IR.

We are a non-profit and have tapped out our donations on this horse. I convinced vet to draw ferritin. Not sent yet

?: Does transferrin and iron HAVE to be tested in order to tell if there is iron overload?

Of course there is inflammation present to be causing his pain and a digital pulse of 1 out of three and mild heat in hoof wall.

?: How does one determine AND explain to vet how one knows if the inflammation is driving the higher ferritin or if it is from diet?

?: At this point with above info collected and funds severely limited has anyone SUCCESSFULLY taken the approach of opting to not do those tests, assume the ferritin is high and spend the money on testing the hay and getting the mineral supplements to balance out the hay? 

?: How are people at boarding stable handling the fact that hay may be changing all the time?

Thanks so much for input!

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