Thank goodness for small battles WON!

Sandy Carr

No complaints tonight.

Andy has finally decided he loves his carrier (working from 100% Standlee timothy grass pellets back to 100% TC Timothy cubes) with all his supplements in it...almost.  Into the carrier twice a day goes 1/2 his daily ration of freshly ground flax, 1/2 of his CTB, 1/2 of his Vitamin E, 1/2 of his Jiaogulan, 1/2 of his salt.  I think the cherry flavor of the CTB is the secret!

I still dose the Pergolide in a teeny bit of unsweetened applesauce to be sure it gets in the horse.

In a few days the first pinch of minerals (again) will be put on top of the "mush" and I will walk away.  Then a second pinch a few days later.

To top this all, I have finally found a vet who was trained in the 21st century.  He is the new kid in town and already has an account with Cornell (LOL, says he hates Antech).  He will draw blood from Andy as the last procedure tomorrow.  It will go into his fridge on his truck and straight to his office...processed and sent out on Wednesday for Ithaca.

Yes, persistence is paying off.  Thank you to everyone who helped me and Andy with all this!


March 2017, Corona, New Mexico, USA

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