Re: Ferritin, iron and transferrin-necessary?


Dr. Kellon, 

I have read some of the files and talked to KSU lab, The vet I started using upon arriving here was initially very interested in setting up the Cornell acct. and learning about Leptin IR calculator etc. Now he is not.  We have gotten to the Iron overload issue and nobody can answer my questions. The vet is not interested, KSU says there panel is for Ferritin, Iron and TIBC for $58 plus shipping. The lab tech thought that perhaps there was a formula using the panel I mentioned to figure out an estimate on the transferrin?? We are a small non-profit in unusual circumstances. Can you tell me what is the most cost effective way to find out if iron overload is an issue?

Can it really be skipped and go to mineral balancing.? We are not at our own facility right now so hay sources change month to month. How can one be accurate in supplements? Especially as the horse becomes more balanced theoretically they should need different rations?
Thank you very much!!
March 2013

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