Re: Compunded pergolide still available, cost of Prascend


Hi Lorna,
Thanks for sharing! You get it! And their are even more factors not appropriate for here weighing in on the decisions. I do have a human health care license and was a farrier, almost all of th work was non-profit so you work with a lot of cases where people don't have the money to do "best practices" so I feel the same, it pushes you to be a keen observer and use your intuition, it's a must I feel. It means a lot to hear that from someone else. In some human compounded Rx's the price drops exponentially as the dose is raised. Is this the case with pergolide? I don't want to ask anyone specifically how much they are paying a month but if someone is willing to answer I would be grateful. I got the prices for 1-2 mg but geez oh pete's what is 10-14mg going for??

I like your saying- We do what we can.. and we get pretty good at it over time. 

Blessings Lorna,
March 2013

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