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Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Kay, that the vinegar seemed somewhat effective also makes me wonder
about the fungus possibilities... what I've tried quite successfully
on my guys now and then when someone comes up with a crusty spot that
I'm suspicious of fungus with is to get human athletes foot/jock itch
stuff -- lotramin, that sort of thing. I'm sure it would be
expensive if the condition is extensive, but it works on things that
nothing else seems to touch. The other things you might try is the
standard betadine wash... put enough iodine or betadine or betadine
scrub into a bucket of water to turn it colored some, or buy an
iodine medicated wash, wet the horse to the skin all over with the
hose first, then lather up with the betadine/iodine mixture all over
and let it sit for 10 minutes. Don't let it dry, you may have to put
a little more water on some spots to keep it from drying, then rinse
really well and get it all out. Do that once a day or every second
day or so for a week to 10 days, then stop and see if the hair starts
growing back in & sores healing...

You are absolutely right about the Azium, it IS a steroid and that's
the last thing you'd want to add to a Cushinoid horses system I would
think, since the big problem already is overproduction of cortisol.

Hope perhaps one of the things I've mentioned above might help...

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